This page will have photos of retreat set up, our theme night room decorations, places that we have held retreats at, and events.

To protect the privacy of our members, we will not be displaying any photos with our members in them.

We do have a private group set up where members can easily contribute all of our happy shots with our friends at retreats and events. Please send a message to admin via our contact us page for details.

gallery/barmera banrock
gallery/barmera bridge mural
gallery/barmera metal mural
gallery/barmera lavender
gallery/barmera war memorial
gallery/barmera war memorial 2
gallery/barmera wildlife
gallery/barmera jimmy james

Banrock Station

Berri Bridge Mural (new)

Berri Bridge Mural (old)

Lavender Farm

Berri War Memorial

Jimmy James Memorial